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My two singles are out in stores now!

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”A new Norwegian discovery! This is a girl who moved to New York, and makes excellent pop music! Reminds me of Lana Del Rey and Lorde” – Tor Otto Mjelde, Stjernepose, on the Norwegian radio station NRK P13.

September 2013, a pop star was born in Paris under the alias “Kaye.” This Norwegian native pursued and completed a BSc in economics and business administration from Copenhagen Business School. Despite having the world of economics at her fingertips, she decided to take an alternative career path in pursuing music. As if it were straight out of a fairytale, while wandering the streets of Saint Michel, a live music venue caught the corner of her eye. As she meandered her way in, she asked if the venue needed a singer. Kaye auditioned on the spot and was told to perform immediately after. With absolutely no prep time, this young girl emerged into a star, was given the thumbs up and was then hired right then and there for the music venue Aux Trois Mailletz.

Kaye continued to hustle and get her name recognized throughout her time in Paris. In addition to school and her performances at Aux Trois Mailletz, Kaye started booking her own personal acoustic shows. As her popularity grew, she began singing with different musicians and other singers from different corners of the world. She performed in Barcelona and Copenhagen, making this the beginning to her dream of becoming an international artist. After beginning her music career in Europe, New York City opened its arms to Kaye in the fall of 2014.

In New York, she has worked with various American producers and continues to perform acoustic shows in a myriad of venues throughout West Village and Brooklyn. Kaye’s debut single, “I Stopped Loving You” was originally released on SoundCloud, and later on Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal. In August 215, Kaye’s fan page received a Facebook message informing her that her single had been hand selected by the Norwegian radio channel NRK P13, the up and coming station that airs the popular show Stjernepose. “I Stopped Loving You” was first aired on August 31st. Kaye´s second single, “The Wild One” was released on August 27th and aired on October 6th. As her songs continue to gain popularity, she is now in the process of writing her first album, which she hopes to debut in the near future.

Each part of Kaye’s music holds onto inspiration from different people, memories and goals. Lyrically speaking, Lana del Ray encompasses many aspects of writing that Kaye uses for inspiration for her own music For example, Lana del Ray is extremely descriptive, despite having an unorthodox writing style. Each and every person has the ability to relate to her music. Sia, in the Kaye’s eyes, is the ultimate producer and songwriter because of her ability to convey a very raw message that really fondles your emotions. The Norwegian artist Sunsanne Sundfor also serves as a strong form of inspiration through her style and sound. Kaye’s new album moves towards a more grungy sound like that of Sunsanne and the Weeknd.

In the immediate future, Kaye plans on performing more live shows and eventually make her way towards the international stage. There are ideas and events currently in collaboration, so stay tuned.

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